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BC Essentials Just For Kids products are made with 100% pure essential oils and the purest, natural ingredients.

Just For Kids oils are blended with organic jojoba and apricot kernel oil, intended to help heal the body and nourish the skin. They enter the blood stream and eliminate harmful toxins within the body. They enhance the flow of oxygen and carry nutrients to the tissues to help promote healthy blood circulation. Just For Kids oils also strengthen the immune system by boosting white blood cell counts to keep your children healthy.

Our blends are designed to be used as body oil, applied directly to the skin or in the bath (1-2 full droppers). Our children's oils are blended age:
  • Phase 1 - infants 2 weeks - 1 year
  • Phase 2 - kids 1 - 6 years
  • Phase 3 - kids 6 - 12 years